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Windows won*t boot without Sierra USB drive

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Hello there,


I am a beginner to hackintosh, of course, and got a problem which I did not find any solution or similar case for yet.

The thing is:

I installed high sierra zone on my win7 Lenovo notebook.

I installed mac os on the same drive as win 7 is on, just made a partiton

Now after the whole thing, I am unable to boot windows unless i use the Sierra zone installation usb drive.

It is like this:

If the sierra installation usb is plugged into the notebook, I get a black commandline-like boot option screen, where I see the following options:

-high sierra zone (usb boot) 

-reserved for system (internal drive)

-windows 7 (internal drive)

Now if I chose the "reserved for system", windows boots up normally, and only with this option.

If the sierra  installation usb drive is NOT plugged in, the computer starts to a BIOS-style boot option screen and I see the following options:

-internal disk

-cd drive

-realtek something---


Now if I select my internal disk, nothing happens. and with all other options too. As if there was nothing bootable on the disk.

What kind of problem is this? As if the computer could not recognize a bootable partition on the internal disk, but with the sierra installation USB plugged in, it can.

Hope this post is new here, I really  found nothing on this, maybe I did not type the right thing?....

However thank you all for some ideas. 


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Ok, I found the problem.

Go to disk management,

select the reserved for system partition with 100 MB or so, right click, then "mark partition as active"-

Somehow the mac installation changed this setting.

everything fine again, boots into windows.

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