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Shut down after picking disk install

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Hi everyone, 

First of all, excuse my english, it's difficult for a frenchie like me to talk easily. 
I tried to make hackintosh thanks to Niresh Catalina. So, it's all good until the Select of the intern Disk. The download is starting --> 2 minutes about remaining <-- and.. nothing happen, just shut down of my computer. I really test everything. 

Before i tried to install Mojave and High Sierra, and i cant success to arrive at Select langage. Always Loading and Forbidden logo, then crash. 

For Catalina (and others), i followed entirely the protocol. I don't understand. Anyone can help me ? 

Thanks Everyone, 


Config Hardware  : 
CPU       -----   INTEL CORE I9 - 9900k
SSD        -----   970 EVO 1TB nVme

Mother  -----   GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Pro WiFi
Graphic  -----  Gigabyte ATI Radeon RX580 PCI Express

BIOS Settings

° Save & Exit

° Load Optimized Defaults then make (or confirm) the following settings -- important settings in bold:

--> M.I.T.

     ° Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P.) --> Profile 1

--> BIOS

     ° Windows 8/10 Features --> Other OS

     ° CSM Support --> Disabled

     ° Secure Boot will be disabled by default, but good to check

--> Peripherals

     ° Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT) --> Disabled

     ° Thunderbolt(TM) Configuration

     ° TBT Vt-d Base Security --> Disabled


--> USB Configuration

     ° Legacy USB Support --> Enabled

     ° XHCI Hand-off --> Enabled

     ° Network Stack Configuration

     °Network Stack --> Disabled


--> Chipset

     ° Vt-d --> Disabled

     ° Internal Graphics --> Enabled

     ° DVMT Pre-Alloc --> 64M

     ° DVMT Total Gfx Mem --> 256M

     ° Audio Controller --> Enabled

     ° Above 4G Decoding --> Enabled


--> Power

     ° ErP --> Enabled (in order for sleep to work, together with EmuVariableUefi-64.efi and side=0 option)

     ° RC6 (Render Standby) --> Enabled


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