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I can only start with GE=No Help Please ;(

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Hi so I decided to install Niresh Os X Mavericks on my full amd pc today and heres the error:


After installation, I cant start it without GraphicsEnabler=No because if i put GE=Yes it will say Memory Allocation Error System Halted.


And when i start with GE=No, my screen resolution is at 1280x768 and my graphics is laggy and under 'About my Mac' it says i have a 3Mb Graphics.. :/


Guys help please. I tried everything, searching everywhere ;(


Here are my specs 


Amd FX 8350

Ati Radeon HD7770 (Asus Ghz Edition)

8Gb of Ram 4Gbx2

LG Monitor (1360x768 Resolution)

Western Digital Caviar Blue 1tb HDD


Niresh Os X Mavericks installation on a Usb Flash drive


Thanks so much for reading this I really hope you can solve my problem thank u so much once again :D



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Okay thank you so much!! Oh and How do i install these kexts? And after i installed them.. I could start hackintosh without typing GE=No?

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Okay update:

I installed back osx mavericks and for some reason it recognizes my gpu now... but now i have this problem

Panic(cpu 1 Caller no HPETs avalible CPU(s) configured incorrectly

Help please thanks

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Okay.. another update.. sorry for making so much updates its just that its so hard to communicate on forums because we live in different places and we have different times and we take few hours to reply.. 


Now i managed to get it working by typing:


GraphicsEnabler=No -x  


in the boot menu

But.. if i don't boot into safe mode I'll get kernel panics... And also the Graphics is kinda laggy here aswell


And.. It recognizes my gpu and my resolution is normal now, but I still gotta type GraphicsEnabler=No if not, when booting, a black screen will appear and nothing happens. 


Oh since i can use mac at least... in safe mode with laggy graphics, you could try to help me about this on skype??


Skype Name: im.not.kiwi

You don't have to but umm.. Yea... Idk how to solve this problem

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