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USB Bluetooth doesn't work

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After a successful install of Niresh Mavericks and the 10.9.2 combo upgrade, I tried plugging in my bluetooth USB stick, and it doesn't work.

The Stick is a Sitecom CN-524, Bluetooth 4.0 USB

The 'System Information'  tab in ' About this Mac'  state:

CSR8510 A10:


  Productcode: 0x100b

  Fabrikantcode: 0x0a12  (Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd.)

  Versie: 88.91

  Snelheid: Maximaal 12 Mb/sec

  Locatiecode: 0x3d200000 / 2

  Beschikbare stroom (mA): 500

  Vereiste stroom (mA): 100

My Hackintosh specs are:
Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz (Stock)
ATi 4850 HD
1TB Samsung HDD + 320GB Samsung HDD
MoBo is a MSi x58 Platinum

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The USB Stick is Plug N Play right? If so, Does it says it support mac? If No Thats your answer


If yes, then try booting with USBBusFix=Yes


Hope dat helps :D

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Apperantly I need to switch the device mode somehow, I' ll give that a try. Will report back when Im done.

Thanks for all the help so far!

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