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Ramachandran Nagarajan

windows 8,1 installation as dual boot on intel dual core pc

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Dear Niresh,



When i installed mavericks 10,9,2 using clover installer i found out the BOOT CAMP ASSISTANT is working,i attempted to create windows 8.1 installer and partitioning the disk using BOOT CAMP it was successful but when the system restarts for windows installation it failed and  even the original clover boot loader became corrupted .

Ultimately i could not even open the system. Is there any way to install windows 8.1 using BOOT CAMP ASSISTANT on a hackintosh pc  which was installed using clover.

By the way i am your great fan and admire works  and contribution you made to hackintosh community. At the age of 54 spending time on your web page it really gives me lot of thrill and knowledge and through your guides on mavericks i have learned a lot.




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age 54 im amazed to see people like you

bootcamp wont work with hackintosh unless you have a patched version of it

any how you are using a pc not mac so you can directly install windows along with mac

if you install windows after installing mac it may break your bootloader

my advice is to install Windows in a partition first then Install Mac

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