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HD4400 Graphics glitches, lags and freezes when opening images, some apps etc.

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Hey guys! I am using hackintosh for a while, but this strange issue still hunts me, and i can't get rid of it  When i try to open Image, or some app's PC starts lagging, freezing, stops responding, glitching all over my monitor. Working with Photoshop or Logic Pro is a pure ****ing hell with this graphical glitches. It slow's down my workflow for like 50-80%. It is just horrible, and i am getting it on every Haswell hackintosh build that i am doing. Is there any way to resolve this issue? Thx in advance guys.

OS - Mojave 10.14.6
CPU - i3-4150
Mobo - MSI z87-g45

device id = 0x04128086
platform id = 0x0d220003
DVMT = 64 mb
Connected through DVI-D

Attaching my config and link to youtube video that i recorded.







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