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Hackintosh does not start after shutdown

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Hello everyone!

I mention a problem that I am having in case someone can help me.

I installed Mojave on my HP Elitebook 8470p laptop and I managed to get the audio, the graphics (Intel HD4000), the battery showing the load percentage, intel network, wifi, etc ... Everything except the bluetooth and the brightness of the screen, but the following happens to me:

If I turn off the laptop it does not start anymore, it stays in "End RandomSeed".

Just load the clover, if I press control + alt + sup to restart, reload the Clover and this time if it starts. Also when I get it started using this procedure, if instead of turning off what I do is restart if it starts ... only the boot fails if I turn it off.

Can anyone think of how to solve this?

Thanks and best regards


Intel i5 3320

8gb ram ddr3 1600

SSD 250gb

Intel gràfics hd4000

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Something similar hapend to me, the problem is when I disconect the usb that used to install, maybe that’s your problem too.

i have to leave the usb boot in the laptop and choose de laptop hd to initialize this way is can run macOS 

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