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Gabriel I

Mojave only starts if the installation pendrive is connected to my pc also not Internet

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Hello people!


I'm newbie trying to install Mac OS Mojave on my PC which is a Dell Optiplex 3046:


Ram: 8GB

Intel Core I3




Currently I can only boot to mac if the installer pendrive is connected, otherwise, my Pc Will Restart. I also have no internet connection

Before writing this I had installed Niresh Mojave with default options, I only partioned my HDD.


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Update to the post: I installed again Niresh Mojave and I coud browse the web, but no audio. After shutting down macOS I tried to start it again but continues restarting without the memory stick


Right after the installation (first start and first setup of macOS) I saw these  messages:

DSMOS has arrived
unsupported pch
IGPU driver failed to load: couldnot register with framebuffer driver


Full Specs of my PC:

  • Dell Optiplex 3046
  • Core i3-6100 at 3.7Ghz (Intel HD Graphics 530)
  • RAM: 8GB

My BIOS/UEFI configuration is shown in these images. (The last foto was right after the installation and before shutting down mac)

 Configuracion y Fotos

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First of all, Thank you @AtlasHack for replying to me.


Di you mean clover? Where can I find a guide for setting up config.plist.



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