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I have been experiencing some trouble with Niresh. I first tried Nerish Mavericks, but I've given up on that, so I then decided to try a less recent version. Mountain Lion Nerish, OSX 10.8.5. FINALLY, RESULTS!! The computer loads to the disk and I can see a menu (Nerish, Windows NTFS etc). I select Nerish, but this is where this one goes sour. I get EBIOS read error: error 0x04 multiple times before reaching this screen. I've left it on this screen for more than half an hour and nothing changes.


What can I do to allow Nerish to work? 

My specs:
CPU: i5-4670K
GPU: GTX 760



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@Phedg1 this is because you have more memory modules

remove other Memory from the Motherboard and try to keep only 2GB Ram 

This issue is only faced by few users

alternatively you can try maxmem

maxmem=4096 try maxmem bootflag first

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Did you mean keep only 2gb or 4gb? because 4gb lines up with 32-bit for starters, and it also lines up with maxmem=4096

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