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How to make clover could boot both win10 and macOS after Installed Mojave next to win10

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Below is how I install Niresh Mojave. It is really cool hackintosh, as I tried several installer published inside China, but none of them works. Either stuck during installation or very unstable(Even basic operation)

1. I have windows 10 installed and I expanded EFI volume size to 300 MB

2. I installed Niresh Mojave with USB disk

3.After installed, seems Microsoft boot option is renamed and archived in EFI volume, so I could only boot mac

4. To make both win10 and mac could be booted, I  moved the archived Microsoft folder to EFI volume, keep both clover and Microsoft in EFI.

5. Then I added a clover boot option via EasyUEFI.

Now, the issue is I could only boot both win10 and mac through USD disk

I could only boot to win10 with clover in SSD, when I choose mac option, it keep looping to clover screen.


Could you please help me solve this problem. Thank you!



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Sorry, I tried with the feeds 'boot wirhout USB stick' from niresh,still same problem, I could enter clover when I choose 'clover' in boot manager, and I could see 'boot mac from mac volume' and 'boot microsoft from efi' options in clover.But when I choose boot mac optio,a command window is showed then it will reboot to windows(1st boot option). If I choose boot microsoft option,it works(no reboot). 


I really have no idea then, boot from efi in USB stick is working fine for both mac and win10.I see some threads mentioned that efi partition should be the 1st partion,have not tried that as it requires a partion restructure, not sure if that's the reason.My partition order is:


oem recovery

win10 system partition

ESP(efi partion,I allocate 300MB,contains both clover and microsoft folders)

MAC(mojave installed here)


I'm still studying hackintosh,I also ordered a DW1820A wifi card to replace the QCA9377,hope it will block by  thinkpadwhitelist(someone mentioned no whitelist since 2015,someone mentioned need to add whitelist via hardware since 2015😖).

BTW, the notebook is thinkpad s2(7200u,HD620,32GB ram).


I tried to search some guide for hackintosh from internet but no very detailed ones, till I found hackinzone.Help me please🙏

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'You can install it on a hard drive that already has Windows installed. By default, the Mac OS X installer will not work with hard drives that were originally formatted in Windows. Therefore, if your computer’s hard drive already has Windows installed on it, you won’t be able to install Mac OS X on there. Normally, you can bypass this limitation by applying the MBR patch; however, Niresh Mojave does this for you automatically, saving you one extra step. (You must use the AMD Version of Niresh Mojave)'


I teied to search answer in forum I found above words in install guide. If I install windows 10 first,then install mojave,I need to use AMD version?


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Really strange here, copied exactly clover folder from USB to SSD EFI folder.When boot mac from SSD clover, it will fail after verbose output.When boot mac from USB, it is working. boot to win10 works for both.I'm going to give up for mac SSD boot.

The only thing that make me not feel terrible is I finally make the DW1820A working on both win10 and mojave,Will see if it is stable in Mojave.

Now audio,sleep and app id not work, HD620 only shows 8M, Will be next steps.

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