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Trying to create a 10.13.5 hackintosh

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So i am trying this for first time, i have asus rig rampage vi apex which is x299 chipset, i9 7900x cpu, nvidia 2080ti sli, samsung 970pro with windows 10 installed in eufi, i have an empty ssd that is partioned in gpt and has 600mb efi partition and emoty fat32 partition of about 230gb to which i am planning to install hackintosh on, the steps i did are as follows.

1. Created a clover bootloader usb using bootdisk utility as transmac doesnt create a bootloader, but after doing so with bdu transmac doesnt see the contents when trying to restore but bdu has set mbr style partition which my mobo bios doesnt seem to see even with csm enabled.

2. So i convert that usb to gpt style using easeus without loosing the clover partition but i had to format the noname partition to fat32 as easeus doesnt convert without all partitions having a file system.

3. So i take another usb and format it for mac and restore image using transmac and again its mbr partition and i cannot convert it to gpt because the hfs file system it creates is not readable in windows and i have to format and loose all data.

4. Then i insert both usb, boot to bios, disable secure boot, set to other os and reboot and clover usb set to primary and i can boot to clover bootloader but it doesnt see the other usb as it is in mbr.

So what am i doing wrong here, i tried enabling csm module as well with eufi and legacy support for drives but clover doesnt see it still, so i again use bdu to create clover again like i did in step 1 and leave it in mbr partition and boot to bios, set csm enable and set as legacy along with secure boot disabled and set to other os and my mobo doesnt see the clover idk why, and i am out of options, tried various guides but nothing is working, i am trying to use high sierra build, any help greatly appreciated.

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