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Dell Latitude e7240 no sleep and AUX not work

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i have installed the OS but I can not close my notebook it run again and the AUX don't goes what can I do?

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@panner Try disabling "Runtime Power Management" in your BIOS if you have that option. This is a common issue and cannot be resolved unless you want to invest into some PS2/ACPI coding which i do not recommend.

You can always click the "apple" logo and click hibernate/sleep there.


As for your Audio, try downloading another VoodooHDA.kext, and install with kext wizard. If you have crackling sound after installing kext, perform the following edit to solve this;


-Right click VoodooHDA.kext and click "Show package content"

-Click contents and rightclick info.plist -> open with texteditor.

-Edit the following lines and save/reboot when you're done;



<string>???</string>   <--- replace ??? with build number e.g 292 (you can see your build number in the string above, it may vary)


<string>???</string>  <--- replace ??? with build number e.g 292


<true/> <--- Set this to false


<false/>  <--- Set this to true


<integer>90</integer>  <--- Set to 99
<integer>90</integer>   <--- Set to 0
<integer>90</integer> <--- Set to 100
<integer>90</integer>  <--- Set to 0


<true/>  <--- Set this to false


now reinstall your patched VoodooHDA with kext wizard and reboot again.

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soory but i dont have die in my bios giv it a other efi?

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