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VirtualBox - AMD FX-8350 - unknown CPU family

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Hello community,

I'm working hard on my knowledge to install Mac OS X in VirtualBox.


After mounting the image in my VM and booting it with "amdfx -v -x" it says that "power management may be incomplete or unsupported" and it stucks by Ethernet....





Im using

  • Niresh-OSX-10.8.5.iso (without modification, stock from a torrent)
  • VirtualBox 4.2.16 (german edition)


  • Windows 8.1 Pro x64
  • AMD FX-8350


  • 2x4GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance CL9
  • ASUS M5A99X EVO R2.0
  • NVIDIA GTX 580
  • Seagate SSHD
  • the latest BIOS drivers with virtualisation enabled (no more changes)


and the following settings for the VM





Where is the problem?

I have seen some topics with booting the images with Cameleon or something else but I don't know why. And please don't write a comment, that if I wan't to run OS X nice and uncomplicated, that I have to buy another PC, based on Intel (saw it in some other forums).


I also looked for people who have the same problem but I didn't find a solution.

I'm open to download another image because I only want a "newer" (Lion, Mavericks, Leopard) OS X to try the system.



I want to try the system only in a Virtual Machine because I don't want to crash the data on my HDD.


I tried to start the image in VMware Workstation 10 but the CPU was disabled and when I arrived the EFI it said "unsuccessful".




Greetings from Germany


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