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Nvidia Drivers GTX 1060 6GB

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Hello Niresh,

first of all, thanks for your support.

My specs:

Intel i7-4790


* I've installed High Sierra with your installer (version 17A405), following every single step you recommend in your guide

* then trying to follow step by step this guide (https://hackintosher.com/guides/properly-install-nvidia-drivers-high-sierra-10-13/) to install the video card (by default the installation not giving me the correct resolution, only 1024 x 768 with default drivers)

* after installing WebDrivers, reboot, there was a blank screen, no video at all


I've tried with no success:

* run this script to download the correct version for my card (https://github.com/Benjamin-Dobell/nvidia-update)

* run different versions of CLOVER to try different configs...


Please tell me what can I do to resolve this, I've seen other people who could make it work including hardware acceleration...


Also, I was tempted to install your Mojave distro but I've seen that there is no drivers for my video card neither audio drivers...


Thanks in advance! 

Claudio from Rosario, Argentina

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8 hours ago, Niresh said:

Hello Niresh,


I tried installing the suggested kexts with KextWizard, no problems at all, but the black screen after installing the webdrivers keeps appearing... i want to cry! hahaha it's a real nightmare also because Clover Configurator and its different versions show different things in their menu, I found a post where you said that you have to configure the iMac14,1 , also downloaded the EmuVariable64 with no success, also my plist file at first had all the data and after I saved a change, when I opened again all the fields were blank, a real nightmare....


Niresh, I really want to install HIGH SIERRA, could you help me? because there is no guide 100% effective given the wide variety of hardware... I'm a technician and I never had to return back to the customer a CPU that I couldnt install... but this time Hackintosh won at least for this moment...


What do I have to tick/untick in your installer?

What version of Clover do I have to use ?

Do I have to disable CSM ?

Is the version 17A405 from your installer any good to resolve this graphics problem ?


I'm really lost, Niresh, please help me, thanks a lot !!


P.D: I've followed some of this post...




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@klausbartu While installing you must un-tick backup graphics extensions, then you can upgrade your os without a problem, disable CSM for UEFI booting which is recommended.

i read on a post that using dart=0 boot-flag and having one monitor plugged in resolved blank screen issue. Let me know the results.

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