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dell 790 i5 uefi

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can't get the macpwn to boot off usb to save my life.

With the dell 790 you have to manually add all uefi details in bios;pciroot(0x0/pci(0x1d,0x0/int13(usb,0x80 and so on and manually choose

the efi file which has to be in the root of the efi partition and never is.

If I select the EFI folder the pc locks up and I have to cycle power to exit.

If I manually type in /BOOT/cloverx64.efi the bios screen has no option to save the boot sequence choice.

That is with using a usb hard rive with macpwn installed and a 32gig usb stick.

I don't see how anybody with a dell 790 gets it loaded.



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the dell 790 must detect the usb on it's own to boot off uefi usb

you set the bios to uefi type boot with no drives in the menu

the pc will error on boot,the bios screen will now show UEFI: INT13(USB,0x80) as a menu choice

you tick that and theoretically it will now boot off the usb drive

BTW, punctuation,spacing and capitalization all matter.

You have an option to add all the data in bios but the apply button is greyed out.So your manual settings

are never saved.

That was with a usb 20gig hardrive,I did try it with 8gig and 32gig usb sticks to no avail and with other usb

hard rives of different sizes.

I ended up using one of the other leading brands installers on a 100gig hardrive and deleted their high sierra install file.

Then it boots into the clover menu

As mentioned in the previous post I did manually copy the .efi files to the root of the refi partition and manually set up bios,but when it boots into the clover there is no usb option to load,just says hackintosh zone with the submenus

boy is this fun.


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