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Boot without USB Drive

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This article will explain how to boot without usb key or pen drive.


After installing macOS, In some cases USB drive must be plugged in-order to boot into macOS, this happens as boot loader does not get installed or having some error while installing boot loader.


Note: Never Install Clover or Chameleon on a Real Mac.


Installing a boot loader (Chameleon or Clover) will fix this issue.


Which boot loader to Choose Clover or Chameleon?


For very legacy system which does not have UEFI Support, you should use Chameleon or Clover legacy.

Both of these method install boot sectors to hard drive and needs Legacy BIOS Settings to boot from it.


It is better to Choose Chameleon up to OS X Yosemite, for latest Hackintosh use Clover Legacy.



How to Install Chameleon


Download Chameleon

Extract the zip and open it.

Accept terms and continue.


In the customize section you can select to Install Chameleon in Chosen Partition or ESP

Install Chameleon in the Chosen Partition.jpg


  • The Selection Install Chameleon in Chosen Partition Installs Chameleon's files to the root of the selected partition using either boot0, boot0md or boot0hfs depending on your system without destroying any existing Windows installation if you have one.
  • The Selection Install Chameleon in the ESP Installs Chameleon's files in the ESP (EFI System Partition) of the target volume using either boot0, boot0md or boot0hfs depending on your system.


Basically if you have partitioned hard drive as GUID, You can install Chameleon in the ESP, otherwise go with default choice "Install Chameleon in Chosen Partition" 


In the modules selection, Select Kernel Patcher and FileNVRAM

Chameleon Modules.jpg

Kernel Patcher is required to Inject kexts from /Extra/Extensions, KernelBooter_kexts option must be selected.

FileNVRAM is required to preserve NVRAM Variables upon reboot, this is also required to enable Nvidia alternative web drivers.

After customizing selection Install and reboot, now you can boot without Pen drive but this option is recommended for Yosemite and older OS.


How to Install Clover

Before Installing clover, Decide if you are going to Install on UEFI or Legacy BIOS, According to your choice you have to configure BIOS. Please refer to following article about Configuring BIOS.

Configuring BIOS for Legacy Booting.

Configuring BIOS for UEFI Booting.


Download Clover EFI


Extract Zip and open it.

Accept terms and continue.

Customize and Install


Customizing clover is tricky

Install Clover for UEFI MotherBoards.jpg

Select "Clover for UEFI Booting" only if you have Partitioned your hard drive as GUID and if your MotherBoard support UEFI booting.


Select "Install Clover in the ESP" if you have Partitioned your hard drive as GUID and if your MotherBoard does not support UEFI booting (Legacy BIOS).


If you have installed Mac along with windows or if your Partition type is not GUID, You have to install a package from "Boot Sectors" & "Clover for BIOS (legacy) Booting". This is only recommend for Legacy BIOS


It is better to Choose "Install boot0af in MBR" & "Clover EFI 64-bits SATA"


Select ApfsDriverLoader-64 for booting High Sierra & Mojave or any other newer Mac Operating Systems. (This selection is different for BIOS booting & Legacy booting)

Install Clover Preference Pane too, it could be useful for checking Clover updates.


After Installation Reboot.


Now you can get rid of your USB Drive


Updating Boot loader Clover & Chameleon

This is not really necessary,  When you have made everything work with your Hackintosh, Bootloader updates are typically not required, unless if you want to make a Major upgrade.

You can update clover by Going to System Preference, This will only be visible if you have selected to Install "Install Clover Preference Pane".

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