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UEFI Bios Settings

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All new MotherBoards comes with UEFI BIOS Instead of Legacy BIOS. Clover bootloader which is the main boot-loader for Hackintoshes natively Support UEFI Booting. Simply copying boot files to a FAT32 volume will make that disk UEFI bootable.  To Install or Configure a Hackintosh you must apply the following UEFI Settings.




Reboot and keep pressing Delete button in keyboard to Enter UEFI BIOS Setup.


  • Load Optimized Defaults because this will reset BIOS to factory settings.
  • If your system has Secure Boot or Secure Boot Mode, disable it. 
  • Set OS Type to Other OS
  • Set SATA to AHCI
  • If your system has CFG-Lock, disable it
  • If your CPU supports VT-d, disable it
  • If your system has IO Serial Port, disable it
  • Set XHCI Handoff to Enabled
  • If you have a 6 series or x58 MotherBoard with AWARD BIOS, disable USB 3.0



The above setting is only valid for MotherBoard's with UEFI BIOS.

If you have a Legacy Mother Board view Legacy BIOS Settings for Hackintosh

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Thank you for this important instructions



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