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Pablo Dalmasso

Problem in load installer (Freezes), Athlon X2, Ati Radeom mobile 4200hd (sony vaio vpcee23el)

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My name is Pablo, I have a problem with the installation Process. 
My laptop is a sony vaio vpcee23el, AMD Athlon x2 CPU, graphics card is ATI Radeon HD 4200 mobile. 
I am trying to install Maverick from a usb, I'm trying to flag "amd", "amd64", "amd-v", "amd-v-x", "amd64 GraphicsEnable = No-x-v", "NPCI = 0x2000 "," pci = off "," Graphics Mode "=" 1366x768x16 "and combinations of these. 
My problem is that the load installer my pc freezes, I think the problem is related to the pci will freeze with the screen showing '[PCI Beging Settings]', or if I put some flag gets to show "Console 1633x768 x 0e000000 "and I can not pass that. 
Previously I could load the installer but unfortunately I do not remember to do so I put flags. 
Sorry for my bad English 

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Don't go mental on the flags. Start simple. Especially with this distro, it's very advanced.

Make sure you've got the image on a USB and BIOS set up correctly.

Then, go for the following;

amd -v

If that's causing issues;

amd -v -x

What happens when you do that?

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Thanks for your response, I see the bios I would be well configured, I hope not to be wrong. 
When you test run "amd-v" appears on the screen "[PCI configuration begin]" and stays frozen, and try "amd-v-x" does the same

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