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frozen loading screen on first boot after installation

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@Niresh y i am sure.

but i'll check it once again.

i have not fiddled with the installation. just let the zone distro work its magic. but the lzvn was already updated somehow... i was confused about that aswell and disapointed when i had the same sandbox errors after the combo update :( that's why i am asking if there is any other way to work around the sandbox situation.


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@Niresh is there a certain clover update i should apply or should i just get the latest one? for no i would download

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On 26 Apr 2019 at 12:15 PM, Niresh said:

@Audiojunk Yes when you backup extensions you will be able to boot in VESA Graphics Mode, but after Installing if you would like to get full Graphics acceleration, you have to replace all those kexts which are backup while installing. to restore all backup kexts use terminal

sudo grafix replace all



Then upgrade Yosemite, but make sure to apply sandbox fix for yosemite before upgrading.

After installing combo update, do not reboot install QE/CI Yosemite Patch. Then Reboot


Incase if you have strange visuals after upgrade it means the kext does not work, you have to try alternative method for graphics but to boot In VESA Mode. boot in safe mode (-s boot-flag)

then run the following commands (one by one) to backup graphics kexts

mount -uw /
grfix backup all


@Niresh it seems weird but the lzvn is already in place. i have to create a copy of the plist file though. save it somewhere else and replace the original once i am finished editing. hope that's what i should be doing

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