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Hey guys,


Finnaly got the newest 10.8.5 installer working got to the installer screen but now my problem is that it doesn't recognize my hdd's i might have a slight idea what is causing the problem, i have got a sabertooth 990fx that has 2 sata controllers, 1 from AMD and 1 from jmicron i'm guessing that my hdd's are connected to the jmicron one so it won't recognize my hdd's.


Used the bronya kernel to get it booted up.


Now a couple of other questions.


My specs are:

Amd fx6100 @4,00 ghz (will go stock if needed)

Sabertooth 990fx Rev1 But with the uefi bios

8 Gigs of g.skill ripjaw 1600 mhz ram

Palit Geforce 770gtx Jetstream 2gb

A 500gig hard disk for my windows

A 250 gig hard disk for my osx (if i'll get it working)


Now for the questions.


Will my graphics card work out of the box or do i need to download the nvidia driver package or install some sort of kext.

After install can i run multibeast for kexts and the chameleon bootloader?

If i can get a custom maverics kernel and download mavericks on my mac osx box and put the kernel in there can i update from 10.8.5?


That were my questions.


Thanks in advance.

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