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Hard drive boot files

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Hello everyone

I want to install Niresh Mojave on a hard disk partition and don't want to install the boot files on that partition. 

Because this is my first time creating a Hackintosh I don't want to mess something up and I just want to see how

macOS works on my system. Will I be able to boot the installed macOS on the hard drive using the usb  and can I then later, 

if everything works well, rerun the installer only installing the boot files to the hard drive enabling me to boot macOS without the usb?

My system is a laptop Dell Inspiron 5567 with i5 7200U.

Thank you

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When you install Mojave on the hard drive the only way how to access the system is the usb installer. It won't let you boot from the hard drive unless you install a boot loader such as Clover on the drive (EFI). In short you can (MUST) use the usb installer (EFI boot files) to boot into the system and when you happy then install the boot loader on the hard drive. You may find later that booting the system from the hard drive is not as easy as it looks like.:)

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