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How I Hackintoshed a 2011 MBP to install legit macOS on it.

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I recently made a blind purchase on an untested used 2011 MBP 15", with no hard drive, unknown specs (2.0GHz or 2.2GHz model I didn't know, nor how much ram if any), and a final eBay bid price tag of $130.50 after shipping.

Turned out it works, and I put a spare hard drive in and booted to Windows perfectly fine. On top, it's even the 2.2GHz version, with 16gb ram installed! But I bought this thing to be a Macbook, not a windows machine.

But after scouring the internet, I cannot find a good vanilla installer .DMG to put on a flash drive via TransMac. So I downloaded High Sierra Zone instead. And since Transmac is a trial software that saves keys in the registry, I just ran it on the old windows install on the macbook, and voila, I had made a fresh High Sierra Zone installer.

Hackintosh installation went as normal for a hackintosh, though with no configuration needed in the installer. Though, since this a real MBP, the FakeSMC and all the similar stuff aren't needed, and assumably could be detrimental to the performance of the computer, so I used the fresh hackintosh to download a fully legitimate High Sierra image direct from the Apple servers, and used normal instructions to install that image over the High Sierra Zone image on my installer USB.

Installation went normally this time, but the type of normal that a legit macbook experiences, not a hackintosh. And the fans run a lot more quietly now as well, with Native SMC.

If absolutely nothing else, thank you, Hackintosh community, and Niresh in particular, for providing all of the tools that I needed to make this happen. I might not have any spare hackintosh-compatible hardware, but now that I have a real macbook that I've had to do this with, I appreciate the fact that this website, no, this entire community, exists moreso than I ever did before.spacer.png

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