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Can't boot without USB & GE=No flag

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I'm a noob to this hackintosh scene, but I can't boot OSX Maverick without using the flash drive with the Niresh stuff & it freezes on the apple logo (without spinning wheel) if I don't use the flag GraphicsEnabler=No . I need to do this everytime I want to get into the OS .

Also, the resolution should be 1920x1080 and it only goes up to 1280x720 and sound-wise, it makes a grainy noise that won't go away!

Any workarounds/fixes for this (at least for having to use the flash drive to boot the OS everytime...)?






My Rig:

Asus Z87-Plus


GTX 760

500GB HDD (Where the OSX is installed)


UPDATE: 3h after, I managed to fix all problems but the resolution one. I just can't get my head around the problem really.

Any suggestions?

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I think all of your problems can be solved :-


1. For GE=No, open your  <OSX HDD>/Extra/org.Chameleon.Boot.plist, and insert these lines anywhere but between <dict>..</dict>





2. For Resolution try this boot flag :


         Graphic Mode=1920x1080x32


3. For graining prob in sound, I assume you have VooDooHDA Pref Pane in System Preferences, then open VooDoo Pref Pane, and slide iGain to 0


4. To boot without USB-Installer, install any boot loader e.g CHameleon or Chimera using Slytherin or Multibeast.


Happy Hackintosh!

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