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Administrators And Niresh Pls Help!

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hi all,


I must say hackintosh is not a joke,its a real pain in the back folks..

I installed niresh 10.8.5,and checked backup graphic kerts,after installation i was able to boot into mac but


-graphics was poor

-sound didnt work


Then i installed without checking  backup graphic kerts,then after installation i could not boot into mac,except with -x bootflag


-graphics was superb

-sound didnt work


I tried to install voodoo sound kexts and appleHDA kexts but says kexts was not installed correctly by dragging kexts to system/library/extensions

then i used multibeast by removing voodooHDA kexts and installing through multibeast says successful but Audio doesnt work..


i tried all the kexts in multibeast and kexts in the download section but didnt work,btw my driver is ALC 269

 Am pleading with admninistrators and the kingmaker niresh to come to our aid so we can make this a pinned post for people to solve their problem bcos there are similar problems here


PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!


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Well, i'm not an administrator nor Niresh, but let's see if i can help a little


Fisrt, we need to know your Audio i assume it's Realtek ALC 269, but what kind of graphic card are you using?


And then, when you boot in safe mode (-x) remove the installed kext that made the system fail. And then, you should be booting fine, without bootflags.


Then, you don't have to use Voodoo, you must use AppleHDA. I found this:




And later, depending on your graphic card, you have to install some kext too.


If i'm mistaken, please correct me.

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