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Does target PC need Windows formatted HD?

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Hi Niresh/Hackintoshers,

As a Mac use who loathes how expensive Macs are, I have been intrigued big time by Hackintosh. Now that a decent PC laptop HD has died and we bought a better gaming PC for my son, I'm taking the plunge.  I've done a search of my issue, but not come across any results.


I've followed all Niresh High Sierra steps 1-5 successfully for installing, but since I don't have access to Windows to install on the replacement SATA drive, I installed a spare Mac-formatted SATA HD, which already has Mavericks installed.  Trouble is, after installing the Mac HD in the Dell Inspiron 5547, I can't access Step 6: BIOS via the Delete while booting approach.

When the Dell acted up, before I considered making it a Hackintosh, I was able to access the Diagnostics, etc., via F2 and F12 when testing that dead PC-formatted HD...

... Is there some way to access Step 6 via F2 or F12, perhaps?  Or is a PC formatted HD with Windows installed a must?  I have an old Windows XP disk... Is that too old to be useful?  (I restarted the Dell using F2 and I see it's an Inspiron 5547 with an i5-4210U CPU with a 1.70Ghz .  BIOS version is A08.)

Grateful for the help and for this community of Hackintoshers.  Thanks in advance for your insights.

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