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Yosemite-Zone no audio

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Hey guys. I have a really serious problem regarding the sound of my yosemite-zone distro (niresh, 10.10). After installing all necessary graphics and wlan kexts etc., I tried to fix the problem of not having sound with several kexts of Multibeast (also including voodoohda) none of these worked. After trying all realtek kexts I was able to find in several hackintosh-forums including appleALC, trying to fix the problem via Clover etc, I finally noticed that one of the voodohda's was not just showing "no voodoo device detected", but it still seems not working.
When i try to open voodoo, it shows two errors
1.) "IOSServiceClose failed"
2.) "Can't get registry-entry path"
In the audio-settings I still cant find any audio device.

Has anyone an idea how to fix the problem? Took me nearly one week :(

My Specs:
PC: Medion S6413T (8GB RAM)
Processor: Intel Core i5-4210U
Graphicscard: Intel HD Graphics 4400
Os installed: Yosemite-Zone (Niresh Distro: yosemite 10.10)

For the soundcard I can just find "Realtek High Definition Audio" through Windows. The codec i read up somewhere in a forum MIGHT be ALC282, but I'm really, really not sure.

Can somebody help me with my problem? :(

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Edit: Using Hacktools i Found out that the Soundcard should be "Intel 8 Series HD Audio Controller (8086:9C20). Can somebody tell me which ALC-Codec this is?

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 I have the same problem as you.


My Specs:
PC: Intel DP67BG (16GB RAM)
Processor: Intel i7 2700k
Graphicscard: nVidia GTX 760 x 2
Os installed: Yosemite-Zone (Niresh Distro: yosemite 10.10)


Mine is Intel 6 Series HD Audio Controller (8086:1C20)


Do you have tested "All in One Audio Solution.mpkg.zip"  ?

On my case I have just a permanent noise sound...


My connection is done for 5.1.




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