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Need help in SATA Controller mode...

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Actually, I am unsure about SATA controller mode.

Sorry, if I annoy you by my silly questions, I am new here.



First, my laptop:

Lenovo Legion Y530


As in the link, I have 128 GB SSD + 1TB HDD, windows is installed in SSD. (UEFI)


In my BIOS, the controller mode is set to RST, other available is AHCI.


MY QUESTION - 1: Do I need to set it to AHCI, to install High Sierra? OR RST will work?

NOTE: I am not using Intel optane memory or any similar thing. Just ssd + hdd, and that's it.


MY QUESTION - 2: As I am having nVIDIA 1050, i recently heard that Mojave doesn't work well with it. So, is this true? Can I install it? OR go for High Sierra?



Small request: If anybody knows about my laptop, that it needs any other special fixes, please let me know, it would be very much helpful.



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  • Set SATA as AHCI.
  • Go for High Sierra as Nvidia has not released drivers for Mojave so far.

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