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hdmi not working with external monitor

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hey all, i have a successful hackintosh running High sierra on a hp omen laptop everything works besides wifi and the hdmi port .

my laptop is using optimus and the hdmi is linked to my gtx 1050 ti not the igfx 
can you please help me get the hdmi to  work with an external monitor ? where do i go from here?

my specs : hp omen 17-w253dx

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thanks for your reply 

here is the result of lspci -nn  


00:00.0 Class [0600]: Device [8086:5910] (rev 05)

00:01.0 Class [0604]: Device [8086:1901] (rev 05)

00:02.0 Class [0300]: Device [8086:591b] (rev 04)

00:04.0 Class [1180]: Device [8086:1903] (rev 05)

00:14.0 Class [0c03]: Device [8086:a12f] (rev 31)

00:14.2 Class [1180]: Device [8086:a131] (rev 31)

00:15.0 Class [1180]: Device [8086:a160] (rev 31)

00:16.0 Class [0780]: Device [8086:a13a] (rev 31)

00:17.0 Class [0106]: Device [8086:a103] (rev 31)

00:1c.0 Class [0604]: Device [8086:a110] (rev f1)

00:1c.4 Class [0604]: Device [8086:a114] (rev f1)

00:1c.5 Class [0604]: Device [8086:a115] (rev f1)

00:1c.6 Class [0604]: Device [8086:a116] (rev f1)

00:1d.0 Class [0604]: Device [8086:a118] (rev f1)

00:1f.0 Class [0601]: Device [8086:a152] (rev 31)

00:1f.2 Class [0580]: Device [8086:a121] (rev 31)

00:1f.3 Class [0403]: Device [8086:a171] (rev 31)

00:1f.4 Class [0c05]: Device [8086:a123] (rev 31)

01:00.0 Class [0302]: Device [10de:1c8c] (rev a1)

01:00.1 Class [0403]: Device [10de:0fb9] (rev a1)

03:00.0 Class [ff00]: Device [10ec:522a] (rev 01)

04:00.0 Class [0280]: Device [8086:095a] (rev 61)

05:00.0 Class [0200]: Device [10ec:8168] (rev 15)

06:00.0 Class [0108]: Device [126f:2263] (rev 03)


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hey @Niresh

here is what i did so far 
i installed the nvidia web drive and and then changed config.plist to use nvidia web and uncheked inject intel but nothing happnes when i pluging the hdmi cable gives me a no signal and osx just boots using

in system report its shoing intel hd 630 and nvidia

for nvidia :



NVIDIA Chip Model:


  Chipset Model: NVIDIA Chip Model

  Type: GPU

  Bus: PCIe

  Slot: Slot-1

  PCIe Lane Width: x8

  VRAM (Dynamic, Max): 0 MB

  Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de)

  Device ID: 0x1c8c

  Revision ID: 0x00a1

  ROM Revision: preset 1.0.0

  Metal: Supported, feature set macOS GPUFamily1 v3


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Update 3 :
i asked in the hackintosh reddit groupe and someone told me to 


you could try manually injecting some properties to bypass the initialization in rmStart like this: https://ghostbin.com/paste/zfs79 (adjust ACPI paths as needed)


NVDA::rmStart is a function in NVDAResmanWeb

i have the acpi paths for my nvidia gpu but i dont  know where to  change the code in rmStart

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