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Hackintosh Mojave graphics support

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Can anyone recommend a currently available graphics card that will work with Mojave on Hackintosh? I have a nvidea GTX 680 which was flashed for a MacPro 3,1 to work as a Mac compatible card with boot screen. Would that card work in a Hackintosh?

I wanted a one card width compact graphics card that would be supported and have better performance than my current HD4600 internal graphics on the cpu. 

Are later HD on board graphics better than my 4600? Worth upgrading to a newer version of what I have now? What is great is that it even supports Airplay which my GTX 680 flashed does not support.


Thanks for any help!



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I was looking at the single slot card, but that 7100 is too expensive. How about the 2100 which looks similar Radeon Pro WX 2100 2GB PCI-E. Would it work with Metal?


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