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High Serria: System Hanging after installing Nvidia Webdrive

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Dear Friends,


I am new to the Hackintosh World. Building a Hackintosh with your suggestions and some tutorials.


I installed High Serria (from App store) on my i3 2120 Socket-1155 Processor with ASUS H61M-CS motherboard. I added a Zotec GT 610 Graphics card with DVI connection. https://valid.x86.fr/pwmdim


With nv_disable=1 the system is totally stable, tested for 2 days non-stop but the graphics is not optimized.

Then I installed the Nvidia Webdriver using the Nvidia Webdriver installer script (https://github.com/Benjamin-Dobell/nvidia-update). Then I also removed nv_disable=1 and optionally added nvda_drv=1. The system starting perfectly. Login screen and Desktop is fine BUT the system gets rebooted just after 5 /10 seconds of using there is some kind flicker in the display and the system hangs or reboots!

Here is the YouTube video of the issue - [MEDIA=youtube]Lq9Rda4lsV8[/MEDIA]


I also tried with and without WhateverGreen.kext (including Lilu.kext) but no help.


Here is the default config file with Stable system with no proper graphics - http://txt.do/dyluk


Here is the config after installing the Nvidia Web driver (387. - http://txt.do/dyluy


P.S. NVRAM is working properly. Checked.


Pls suggest.

Thanks a lot.

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