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HighSeirra issues with Clover Boot Loader and Dual Boot

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Hi all,

I'm new at Hackintosh so there maybe things that I say not true in definitions and the question  maybe quite long, please forgive as I have been facing a lot of weird issues.

About my laptop: 

  1. HP EliteBook 8470p (i5 IvyBridge).
  2. BIOS mode: UEFI with SCM
  3. 1 Kingston SSD 120GB (Let's call it SSD1)
  4. 1 WD SSD 240GB (Let's call it SSD2)

At first I already had Win10 in my SSD1 under MBR and from there I want to install Hackintosh HighSeirra on SSD2 for dual boot.

I created a USB for High Seirra via this link and install High Seirra on SSD2 follow this guide.

Everything gone well for the installation, I follow the guide to boot MacOS without USB and successfully did it.

But at that point I could load my Windows, so I searched and read somewhere that I cannot boot Window from Clover Bootloader if it's in MBR drive.

I then created an USB for re-install Win10 to SSD1, this time I follow instruction to convert my disk for GPT and install sucessfully Win10.

When I finished with Win10, I thought I could dual booting the two OS, but when I restart, I couldn't boot MacOS without my USB that I used to install High Seirra.

At this point 

  • Without the USB of High Sierra Zone, the system automatically boot to Win10 on SSD1.
  • With the USB of High Sierra Zone, the Clover boot loader cannot detect the Win10 SSD1, therefore I can only boot MacOS with it.

So I booted to Win10 and found out that by some ways, my Win10 is still in MBR drive.

Then I used Rufus to create new USB for Win10, this time made it as GPT for UEFI.

Now re-installed Win10 via that USB, clean and convert GPT the SSD1. When the setup finished and the system reboot, the system cannot find any drive that install OS (BIOS always in UEFI with SCM mode).

I felt nervous that I lost everything, but I tried to insert the USB High Sierra Zone, and magic happens, with it I could both load MacOs and Win10, but of course that not I want, I want to dual booting without USB.

This time, I carefully go into Win10 and make sure the SSD1 is in GPT formation. 

But, there is another weird thing I realized when go into diskpart of Win10 CMD: There is no EFI partition inside SSD1 (I'm so sure I tried every way to find it but couldn't find it).

So I boot MacOs to try my luck whether by change the name of the .efi file in the folder EFI/Microsoft/Boot of the SSD2 Mounted EFI I can fix the EFI partition of SSD1. But It didn't work. And from that point what I have now is

  1. MacOS High Sierra in SSD2
    1. No Wifi althought I tried to install the driver for TP Link tl--wn727n wifi USB.
    2. The Intel HD Graphics 4000 didn't work. When I click "About this Mac" it shows Graphics: Intel HD 4000 3MB (the 3MB is very weird).
  2. Win10 Pro in SSD1
  3. Both OS cannot boot without the USB High Sierra Zone.


  1. How can I install Win10 in GPT drive and have EFI partition in SSD1? And boot in without USB in UEFI mode?
  2. How can I use the TP Link tl--wn727n as Wifi USB for my High Sierra on SSD2?
  3. How can I dual boot the two OS?
  4. How can I fix the Intel HD Graphics 4000 for my High Sierra?
  5. I tried to learn about DSDT/SSDT but don't understand, how can I path those files for my specific laptop (HP ELITEBOOK 8470p)?

Sorry for having no images as now I have no wifi to upload the image and also currently cannot boot Windows even with the USB, Clover Boot loader doesn't work also.

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@hoangfuongduy Wow thanks for the long explanation


  • Download Clover Configurator, Update it to the latest version.
  • From Tools section of Clover Configurator, Search for Your SSD2 Hard disk.
  • Mount EFI of SSD2 by selecting "Mount Partition".
  • If there are any files in EFI Partition delete them all.
  • Download Mojave EFI Folder (This will work with High Sierra too), Extract it.
  • Copy Extracted EFI folder to EFI Partition of USB

By following the above steps you might make SSD2 Bootable without USB.


This might work with your TL-WN727N but I need specific hardware id to check if it will work or not. 


 lspci -nn

in terminal and post output here for extended hardware details.


HD Graphics 4000, This may work or not, but use the following kexts.



FakePCIID.kext with FakePCIID_Intel_HD_Graphics.kext (Do not install other kexts)


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Hi Niresh,


Thanks for your answer, I'll follow it and revert the result.

In fact, on my first time installed High Sierra, I followed some guides on internet for HD Graphics, that is to use config.plist Graphics tabs, tick on Intel... and select the one of IvyBridge below some set of resolution and that worked (but that time I couldn't dual boot - Windows gone, couldn't be detected by the system, so I had to start all over again, and then I couldn't make HD Graphics any other times).

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Hi Niresh,

I read somewhere that to auto boot to clover bootloader when I turn on my laptop, I need to create a boot options for it?
Is that right and in my case how can I create it?

Another thing is I saw this source of CC: link
Is it reliable and I can use it as the newest version?


Thank you

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Hi Niresh,


Tonight I done creating dual boot (still somethings need to adjust)

But one thing is that the system doesn't automatically boot into Clover, I need to press F9 (Boot Options) then choose the SSD2 (MacOS) then it will load Clover and from there I can choose Windows or MacOS. Without pressing F9, then the system will automatically boot to Windows.

Is there any way to fix this?

P/S: My EFI folder of the SSD1 (Windows) does not have CLOVER folder, just BOOT and Microsoft Folder.

My keyboard is not exactly what it should be (mostly for Windows button, ctrl and alt), for my HP EliteBook, what are the best solutions for it?

Thank you


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Hi Niresh,

Done wih the keyboard by adjust inside the Mac.

For the switch SATA ports, sure can do (I don't have screwdriver so need to wait for it haha)
But for the separates drives dual boot, can we go to BIOS and create a new BOOT option for EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.efi?

Or is there any setting/tool to do it?

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Hi Niresh,

Sadly this afternoon I accidentally updates my High Sierra via Appstore and that crashed my efforts.

I re-install but this time again the HD Graphics is not true (It's agian Intel HD graphics 4000 3MB).

Last time I made it work for the graphics without installed any kext, but this time I installed the kexts you suggest but still failed.

Can you show me some solution?

P/S: Is there any good source to download the High Sierra 10.13.6 pkg (include the Clover bootloader)?


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Yeah actually after the installation finished, I ran Multibeast tool from tonymacOS choose the type of device that equal my device (in my case was Macbook pro 9.2). After restarting it, I adjust the config.plist 'Graphics' tab and the SMBIOS tab. Then restarting and patched DSDT/SSDT

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