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A lot of errors installing macOS Sierra

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When I try to install Sierra, I always get an error message at the end.

It says an error occurred while running scripts from a package.

I've tried a lot of things. Formatted HDD, Upgrading...


I always get the same error with different packages. Move nVidia.pkg, Audio.pkg...

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On 9/22/2018 at 6:10 PM, Niresh said:

@ANiCRe Unselect Backup Graphics Extensions selection and Auto Install Audio kexts selection from Custmization menu.

I tried that. It said that there was a problem with the network kext. I tried disabling it, but now I get this error:


No bless setting for a primary boot program was found.


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45 minutes ago, Niresh said:

@ANiCRe you may have to unselect, Bootloader, too.

This error does not happen in all computers, this is a special case.

I decided to just install High Sierra. It worked. So I don't need help anymore. Thanks for replying though.

How do I label this thread as "Solved"?

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