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Hello community, I have successfully installed 10.13.5. In my system have two HDMI port, one for Intel graphics and another is Nvidia graphics. I can't boot to the installer while plugged in the Nvidia HDMI port, So I have to change the HDMI port to Intel graphics and initial graphics changed to iGPU and enable the internal graphics. After installing the OS IF I plugged in Intel HDMI port then machine accele rate graphics and working fine. Now If I changed HDMI port to Nvidia then set boot flags to nvda_drv = 1 then I got the black screen with a working cursor but If I set nvda_drv = 0 and nv_disable=1 then I can boot into the OS with horrible graphics. I have already installed Nvidia web driver and Cuda driver. I followed many tutorials regarding this type of thread but those don't work for me. I am attaching my system report and EFI folder. can anyone help me? please?

I have attached -

system report and EFI folder - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xSykZMXplL3YnYpahVRtoWooyiik8BwW

Screenshot With Intel graphics and Nvidia -





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