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Gave up on updating to 10.9.2

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Hello there!


Below are my PC Specs:


Intel Core i5-4670k CPU @ 3.8GHz

AsRock Z87M Pro4 Motherboard

2x 4GB DDR3 1333MHz A-Data

NVidia GeForce GTX 650Ti Boost OC (MSI Twin Frozr)

128GB SSD Intel 520 series

2x1TB WD Black 7200rpm 64MB Cache


Now, Just to state the obvious - with the exception of:

 - My mic volume being extremely low

 - The need to add a kernel flag to achieve autoboot


The machine works absolutely perfect right out of the box. Everything is buttery smooth and NICE! Never had any issues until I tried updating.


This is what happened:


1. I updated from the Mac AppStore => System failure.


2. Reinstalled. Updated from the Mac AppStore > Followed the guide Devonic wrote > System failure. Totally unable to boot into OSX.


3. Reinstalled. Updated from the Mac AppStore > Followed another guide somewhere on the web (Don't remember which one really) => System Failure. Totally unable to boot into OSX.


4. Reinstalled. Did NOT do ANY updates whatsoever => Machine works perfectly well!


I would just like to point out a few things to avoid some non-neeeded questions:


Q: Why do write this?

A: I promised Deepak I would, after exchanging a few messages and spamming the guide.


Q: Did you try booting with -x -s -f -F -v xpcm-free etc.

A: Yes. I tried every kernel flag in various combinations in between. No result whatsoever.


Q: What do you mean "Unable to boot into OSX"

A: Machine reboots. That's it. No errors, no nothing. Just a boot-loop.


Q: Did you try patching some files?

A: Yes. I re-wrote a lot of files! I even tried copying my entire "Extensions" folder and re-writing it after the update. Doesn't work! I tried the "SlowBootFix" thing, the "NoNcpi=" archive, etc. It just doesn't work on my machine.


Q: Did you try using a different bootloader?

A: Yes! I did try using Clover and Chameleon. No difference whatsoever.


Any more questions I will be more than glad to answer. I don't think I'll be attempting a system update anytime soon though. I don't feel like reinstalling AGAIN. I'm sick of backing things up. If there were an option to rollback a system update from the installer itself - maybe....



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Ok seems you are famlier with how to backup a .kext and inject it back with -s mode (Devonic's guide just replace the .kext in my suggestion).


Boot into you working OSX.


Create a TimeMachineBackup as my procedure is not a solution in each case.


Backup 2 kext from S/L/E named AppleIntelCPUPower*.kext (must be 2 kexts)


Download combo update 10.9.2 (google it)


Now install the update and reboot with -v -s


And follow guide to copy backup kext into you updated Mavericks. (Dont forget to fix permissions)


Now reboot with -v -f

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I'll try it in the weekend. I simply don't have time to reinstall should anything go wrong right now.


Thanks a lot for the tip, though! I've seen combo updates lying around, but never quite got their idea. Could you elaborate please?



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@littlegreen As i can see, i have a pc configuration similar to yours. I have added a post in Devonic thread 




I have updated my pc succefully to 10.9.2


http://s2.postimg.org/l5lye3mmx/Schermata_2014_04_09_alle_14_08_58.png (This is the proof that i have updated)

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When Apple releases a minor system version (e.g. 10.9.1 -> 10.9.2), they generally release the update in two forms:

1.A delta update containing all of the files that changed in the latest update, which therefore can only upgrade from the immediately previous version.

For example, in order to install the 10.9.2, your system must already be updated to 10.9.1.

2.A combo update containing all of the changes since the original release of that major version, and therefore can be used on anything from the same major version.

For example, the 10.9.2 combo update can update from either 10.9.0 or 10.9.1; it can even be reinstalled on a system that's already running 10.9.2.

Similarly, the 10.8.5 can be run on anything from 10.8.0 to 10.8.5.

(Note that for the first update to a major version, e.g. 10.9.1 or 10.8.1, there's no real distinction between delta and combo, so Apple only publishes a single update form.)

My vote goes to combos because of ease. Once downloaded then no need to look at pc and wiat for it to connect and download each time. It even eases further if you have 2-3 PCs or your just a experiment lunatic (like me) and mess with your system 12 times each hour  :rolleyes: 

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I found a very simple solution to my problem. It's a kernel patch I found on a 3rd party website and it worked like a charm. I could re-link it, but won't post it since I don't have the OP consent. It was just a matter of copy/pasting a few lines of perl code. 

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