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Problems with Mavericks

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Hi everyone,

I'm the owner of an assembled pc, below the specifications:

- MB: ASRock H61M-VG4 with Intel i7 3770 and Intel HD4000 Graphics (Bios already patched with PMPatch)

- Audio: Integrated Realtek HD Audio

- HDD: 2TB  Seagate ST2000DM001 with byte sector set to 4096 bytes

- Video: His HD7870 IceQ X Turbo


I tried to install Mavericks 10.9.0, but I met some errors during the first boot and everytime I want to launch OSX I must use -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No flags. I tried to boot up with the Radeon using the DVI cable  but I went into a bad memory allocation (as expected).

So I started OSX in safe mode with the integrated video card and I installed the ATI HD7000 series controller and AMDRadeonAccelerator kexts which I found on this site.

I started again the OS with GraphicsEnabler=No and -v flags, but during the loading I saw lines regarding AMDRadeonAccelerator: "ZTV20AMDACCEL_EVENT_MACHINE is malformed", "falied to load apple.AMDRadeonAccelerator kext" and "[AGPM] unknown platform" and after some minutes the screen didn't receive the signal anymore (so black screen).


I decided to use the internal Intel HD4000 to run OSX, but it crashed without a kernel panic after the message "Bluetooth control not found (or something similar)", So the only option I can use is to boot up with -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No flags.


I've left all the default settings during the installation of OSX.


Is there a solution to fix these video cards? Thank you for the support!

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