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Need help to hackintosh my Samsung Laptop

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First of all thanks for helping (if you do)


I downloaded the mavericks . ISO and burnt it in a dual layer dvd, tried to install and when booting with the ' -x ' flag my laptop rebooted suddenly, then I tried to boot without any flag and i got stuck in the first apple screen while it's loading until a 'forbidden' icon appears in from of the apple logo (like the forbidden icons where you can't park your car) and then nothing happens, I couldn't go any further than that. then I had to turn off the laptop.

Also then I couldn't even boot into windows 8.1 and had to make a repair for getting it going again... I have to admit I am a noob with this and also i tried to do some research and found nothing about installing os x into my laptop..


now I'm downloading the mountain lion . ISO and I will try that later on, but I would really like to get some help from you with os x Mavericks right now .


at least I'd like to get to the installing screen and then see if I can do something from there, any idea of flags that I could use ?



my notebook specs are:


intel i5 with hd3000 graphics, sandy bridge

4gb RAM

620gb HDD


the model is Samsung np-rv420, if you know something about this models and installing os x, please tell me ! 


thanks again for reading and helping out if you do ! 

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