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Zsolt Székely

Can't boot from flash drive on GA-P35-DS3R

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I wanted to turn my pc into a dual boot OSX and windows 7. After downloading the image file I followed this guide: http://www.macbreaker.com/2014/01/install-osx-mavericks-on-pc-with-niresh.html
PC specs:
Motherboard: GA-P35-DS3R
Ram: 6GB (2x 1GB Corsair 2x 2GB ADATA, not sure about the models)
CPU: Core2Duo E8400 3GHz
HDD: WD Blue
GPU: Nvidia GTS 450
I created the bootable drive with win32diskimager and when trying to boot from USB-HDD I get the following screen:
My BIOS was set up using the guide. I first thought that the drive wasn't bootable, so I tried to create it with usbit and then with transmac, same screen as before.
The drive in transmac looks like this:
I hope you can help me figure out why I did wrong guys, most of the parts in my build were reported as working with hackintosh

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@Zsolt Székely

Are you sure your are using a .dmg file instead of an .ISO file ?

Burning an ISO file to the USB will render it unbootable

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I am using the .dmg

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@Zsolt Székely 

1) Format your USB drive in FAT32 format in windows 

2)Open up transmac :

Right Click your drive and select > Restore with Disk Image 

Point to your Niresh Mavericks .dmg file 

And let it write the image to the USB 


3) Try Booting with the USB drive now

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I figured it out that my motherboard lists usb drive in hdd even though it has USB booting. I'm gonna try this once again. Thanks!

EDIT: I followed the instructions, but same screen is displayed :(

EDIT2: I managed to burn mountain lion to a DVD and it successfully booted, then on restart it froze on apple logo screen with an exclamation icon over it and the spinner stopped too. I restarted the PC and it froze again so I restarted again. Now I'm in a desperate situation since on the 2nd restart my monitor didn't show anything, PC started like normal, no beep, all fans running but nothing displayed. So I'm at a point where I don't know what to do. I tried unplugging the cable and letting it sit for 5 minutes just in case it would have been on sleep, but nop. It's weird that such thing could happen.

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          Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology
          8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 668MHz (9-9-9-24)
          ASUSTeK Computer INC. CG8350 (LGA1155)    26 °C
          NS-24E730A12 (1842x1036@60Hz)
          1023MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (NVIDIA)    31 °C
          3726GB Western Digital WDC WD40EFRX-68N32N0 ATA Device (SATA )    25 °C
          111GB PNY CS900 120GB SSD ATA Device (SATA (SSD))    33 °C
          931GB Seagate ST31000528AS ATA Device (SATA )    30 °C
          3726GB Western Digital WDC WD40EFRX-68N32N0 ATA Device (SATA )    27 °C
      Optical Drives
          HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH12LS35 ATA Device
          NVIDIA High Definition Audio 
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