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adam sielski

iMessage fix problem - NVRAM.plist

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ok so i know some of you will look at the title and instantly thinking its another lazy post, and that I'm not looking on the forums but i have used the trusty google to search for my problem but can't find the answer to my question/ problem.


ok, so down to it....


ive installed the niresh mavericks 10.9 on to my Alienware m17x r3, all is running fine and I'm happy with it. seems like the kexts that are installed using the niresh.dmg was the right choice. how ever when it comes to getting iMessage fixed and working i run into a problem.


now i have tried the "fix iMessage" post that is on here that consists in using the NVRAM 1.1.2 that is copied into the module fold in /extra, editing the symBIOS and randomising the serials and all that. but every time i restart the os it doest generate the NVRAM.plist.


I'm running the os x on the same hard rive as my windows (which will be changed at the end of the month) but everything seems to be fine in that sense. just that at every restart the NVRAM.plist doesn't show up in the same folder where the symbols.plist is.....


anyone had this problem?


as for iMessage it self, i have been able to log into it, to the point that it comes up with the number and emails that will be used to contact me but then decides to log back out and shows the message " an error occurred when activating iMessage"


i have had to choose the option "none" under credit card details when downloading things on my 5s...will that be the problem? I'm yet to try it as I'm over drawn in my account and can't do much till tomorrow.


if anyone has some light to share on this matter, please do drop a post or some helpful info.


will update when i have tried attaching my card to my account again....my account is verified though 

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Same here. This fuckin* plist isn't created after i added the FIleNVRAM.dylib ! Is there a way to create plist manually ?



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