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Dan Grimes

Boot0: error, 2 bootloaders methods still not working

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Dan Grimes

Hey all, first I have to say thank you so much for the niresh mavericks program to install mavericks on my laptop.



I have a Samsung Series 3 laptop 365e5c-s01

AMD Radeonâ„¢ HD 7640G Graphics Integrated

AMD a8 4500 processor


Installation went perfect. If I have my usb drive in, the boot option screen comes up where I hit my HD and it boots successfully with no issues (there is one but ill save that for another post). Apple runs fine.


When i take my usb out and boot up. I get this.




Now I've searched everywhere but cant seem to find what im doing wrong.


I tried two methods to get this to work. I tried doing the terminal method on bootup where i unmounted my harddrive and used the dd if=/boot1h of=/dev/disk0s2 method, and it went through successfully. Restarted and got that boot error.


2nd I tried using the chameleon wizard in which I pointed to my i386 folder, trying both the boot0hfs method (Only one operating system) and the Update option (which says updates the bootloader /boot) and both still returned that error when trying to boot without the usb in.


Any one have any other suggestions? :(

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