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Post Help Required in OS X Maverick 10.9.2

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Hi Friends


First of all I would like to thank nariesh for his efforts for creating Hackintosh os 10.9


This is my system configuration


Processor:  Core 2 Quad

Motherboard: Gigabyte G41 MT –S2PT

Ram: 6 GB DDR3

Graphic Card : NVidia  650 2gb



All works fine expect 2 things



When ever I play any videos the display of the flickers in green and pink color and system hangs then I have to restart the system manually 


Second thing is


While I update apps using app store osx update works fine but apps update is asking for a password for the id

The id is :- evgenviktoro88gmail.com

Can any one give me the password

I tried signing in form my apple id   this is the error message I get

Your Device or computer could not be verified . Contact Support

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Reinstall SMBIOS using Slytherin or Multibeast. I dont know how any one can offer you password of your GMAIL account.


And for video,


Click the apple logo on left top then

About This Mac->More Info->System report->Graphics


Take a screenshot or pic and post it.

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Hey Aman,


Thank you for reply 


I reinstalled as per ur guideline all works fine expect update 


I created apple id and if is log in thru that is it says


"Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance."


Let me know what to do for update

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Update is yet not official from Niresh so either risk and trust on your own skills (always make a Time Machine Backup before updating).


Always crate/enter your Apple ID after 2-3 full reboots.


And the simple procedure to update is :

1. Take a TimeMachine backup of your current system

2. Download "combo update" with the version you need (google about it)

3. Install the update

4. Test, if it stuck or reboots from a point then note that point and do google or ask to any community.


It can throw KP related to AppleIntelCPUPower*.kext (2 kext) or Graphics or something unique to you.

If you yet on updating then go ahead.


Personally I wont suggest to update yet if 10.9 is working as you need.

Edited by Aman

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Hey aman,


I am able to install osx update related stuffs


But when i try to update imovie , iPhoto and fcpx 10.1 to 10.1.1 it is asking for apple id if i enter my id 


This computer cannot be verified, try to contact support for help

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Change SMBIOS 2-3 times.

If it doesnt solve your prob then it may kext related to your ethernet, to get correct kext

Use DPCIManager->PCI List to find out what hardware you have, then search for a driver/kext

Also post your chameleon .plist, it may has corrupted entries.

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