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[GUIDE] How to Dual Boot OSX & Windows 8 with Clover EFI

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Although Chameleon is the most preferred bootloader for almost 80 % of hackintoshes, Clover is a pretty popular bootloader with excellent hardware support for the ATI Mobility cards and various other devices. This guide will show you how to properly dualboot OSX and Windows 8 using the Clover Bootloader. 

*I will not be going into how to create your OSX / Windows USB Installers in this Guide*


1) An Empty Hard Drive
2) The Niresh Installer USB or any other OSX Installer such as Unibeast / Myhack (8GB)
3) A Windows 8 Installer DVD / USB (8GB)
4) Patience.

Software Packages Used :

1) Universal USB Installer (For installing the Windows 8 ISO to a USB)
2) Clover Bootloader
3) Clover Configurator

Basic Overview :

What we will be attempt to be doing is :
1) Use the Niresh Installer to Format the Drive into two partitions in their respective formats.
2) Install Windows 8 to one of them 
3) Install OSX to the other 
4) Mark the active partition to achieve a proper boot.


Formatting of the Hard Drive :

1) Boot with the Niresh Mavericks Installer USB (any) 
2) Go to Utilities > Disk Utility 
3) In the Partition tab select Two partitions and resize them to your wish.
4) Select your OSX partition and set the format to Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
5) Select your Windows Partition and set the format to MS-DOS (FAT)
6) Most Importantly, Go to options and set the table to GUID Partition Table and click Apply.
7) After the process is done, shutdown your PC. It should look similar to this after you have gone through all the steps :




Installing Windows : 

1) Boot with the Windows 8 installer
2) Go through the Menus and select Custom Install (Advanced).
3) Here, select your Windows partition and hit Format
4) DO NOT PANIC, the installer might display a message saying that Windows cannot be installed. Just reboot with the Windows 8 Installer USB and it will not display that error message again. 
5) Let the Install run through it's paces and set up your Windows Installation (install drivers, copy files etc...)

Installing OSX : 

1) Boot with your OSX Installer USB.
2) When you arrive at the "Select Where to Install Menu", select the OSX Partition you previously formatted.
3) Customize / Select any kexts or none if you are using a Vanilla Installer and let OSX Install 
4) NOTE : By default Chameleon is selected as the bootloader - install using Chameleon only. Niresh's distro has a well documented bug that breaks the Clover Bootloader.
5) After Install, Boot with Chameleon and set up your Hackintosh (install kexts and apps but do not reboot)
6) If you are using Niresh's distro, while it's setting up, install the Clover EFI Bootloader with standard options -



On your first reboot after installing Clover you will notice that the system automatically boots into Windows 8 without giving us the choice as to which operating system to boot. Let us now tackle this issue.

1) Boot into Windows 8 (it will boot !)
2) Open up Command Prompt with administrative privileges.
3) In Command Prompt type in : (Ignore the numbers at the beginning of each line - 103., 105. etc...)


4) This will open up another Windows listing your current partition.


5) Now type :

Diskpart list 

The above command will list all of your partitions with their numbers.


6) Identify your OSX Partition by it's size. As an example say it is Disk 2

Therefore accordingly type this command.

Diskpart 2 

7) Now to mark the partition as active, simply type in this command:


8) Disable fast startup (if you have problems shutting down windows 8)


You are officially done ! When you reboot you will see the Clover Menu with two options - OSX and Windows.

If you are unable to boot Windows with Clover, ensure that in the Boot section of Clover Configurator that Legacy is set to PBR.


Enjoy biggrin.png


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Great Guide But I have a Question....I am installing on a FX-8320 and does clover support AMD?

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