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Peeyush Kumar

Where is the right click?

In OSX/Mavericks you must press and hold the Ctrl key while you click in order to access commands or actions, It is like the right click on Windows.


Where is the TaskBar?

Not actually TaskBar but something similar is the Dock, the bottom platform like thing holding apps icons.


Where's the Start menu?

You don't use a Start Menu, but there's something similar called Launchpad icon to the right of the Finder logo in the Dock. Click on Launchpad, this offers you an icon-based view of all your apps.

Where is everything?

Although there are less settings than Windows IMO, yet you have control on everything. Goto Launchpad and search for System Preference. Clicking it will give you the control panel like options for your OSX/Mavericks.


What about Control for shortcuts?

The Command key (denoted by cmd and the âŒ˜ symbol) replaces Window's Control/CTRL key as the main modifier for keyboard shortcuts, so copy is ⌘ + C and paste is âŒ˜ + V.

Also in some case/keyboard layouts your Windows key (if using an usb windows keyboard) will be ALT key in OSX?Mavericks.

(TIP : For Hackintosh users, goto keyboard settings in SP, and modify keys such as CTRL is now COMMAND and vice versa)


Switching between apps

Missing Alt+Tab? No just its now COMMAND + TAB.


Closing apps VS closing window

Don't forget that when closing an app, clicking the red button in the app window only closes the window, not the app. To quit an app press Command-Q while in the app, or close it via the app menu using the Quit Application name command.


Where is the almighty TASK MANAGER?

You should also memorize Command+Alt+[Esc]. Apple's equivalent to [control]+[alt]+[delete] which you might use to Force Quit apps that have become unresponsive. (Remember CTRL+SHIFT+ESC ?)


What about my peripherals?

Most USB devices (printers, cameras, scanners) should work fine with your Mac and you won't always need to install software, because Mavericks will get it for you. Or visit the supplier’s website.

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