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Paul Russillo

Amd HD7750 Kext Help

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Hey i used niresh 10.8.5 my amd hd 7750 worked oob no boot flags but now i combo updated and even tried niresh 10.9 distro but amd 7750 no longer gets qe/ci which it did on 10.8.5 .


few computer specs:

intel core i3 - 3240 3.8 ghz

intel hd 2500 onboard graphics

gpu pci i bought amd hd 7750



i get bluetooth io completed hang without boot flag on 10.9 with the hd 7750 inserted i have to use -x graphicsenabler=no but i get ffull res no qe/ci also tried going back to 10..5 but the qe/ci still wouldnt work i see the hd7750 listed but it doesnt give me acceleration can someone help s this a frambuffer issue , i know the default framebuffer for this card is chutoro i will list dev id and info in a minute can someone patch the kexts or explain what i need to do also what bootloader supports the hd 7xxx card series? clover uefi , efi or chameleon efi ? thanks

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You need kexts for 10.9 or 10.9.1 or 10.9.2

10.9.2 or whatever you prefer i would just like mavericks running with qe/ci and 10.9.2 has the ssl fix so prefer 10.9.2. thank you for replying also if you need screen shots of the problem here they are . i believe the amd7000controller and amdsupport are the two kexts but my dev id is in them so they should be supported what could this problem be ? if you need any info or kexts,logs at all i will give all i can get .

i posted everywhere searched everywhere but everything i found was out of my knowledge range or poorly written so i didnt try it .

tonymac banned me because i mention niresh 10.8.5 lmfao 






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