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Niresh 10.9 boot without DVD help

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After installation (Asus K53SV working perfectly), the hard drive is only recognized when you start the installer from the DVD Niresh
My DVD / CD player is outside 
There is only the bootloader Niresh12495 10.9 to install on USB Flash Drive
I tried BootDiskUtility (latest version) with nothing but Camaleon & Clover
Even if I press "option 2" by selecting the disk there is a crash with restart
While using DVD Niresh boot no problem, recognizes the hard drive, starts and everything works smoothly. 
Can you help me please? Can not find solutions to this problem 
There is a single Niresh bootloader to USB Drive without all the installation files? 
Thanks to all

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Peeyush Kumar

I didn't get all of your prob. You mean you can't boot from HDD, is it?

Does it throw any error/message ? e.g boot0 error or something?


Did you turned off HDD from your BIOS?

If you yet have to install Mavericks and can't boot from USB, then this bug is known so use DVD to boot and select USB from menu. Then install as regular.

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