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Read This Before Posting Any Topic

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Hello & Welcome to the Niresh Forums


This forum is meant for posting your issues and problems encountered when you are stuck at any process during pre or post-installation. If your Niresh distro is not working as it should be you can post here and we will try our best to support you.

Although there are some posts which infuriates helpful people and the mods. So we would like to clearly outline what you should and should NOT post here:




1) Will my PC/ this configuration work. - If you're that lazy as to not do some research on your hardware, you do not deserve support

2) Posts about other Distros  

3) Duplicate posts so as to get people's attention.

4) Do not give only the model numbers of laptops or PCs - Post the entire specs (saves you and the mods a lot of time)

5) Only Post topics in the given forums - Do not post your success stories in the support forum there is a different section for that 

6) Do not PM the Mods.

7) First try to install the Distro, if you can't, ask for support.



1) Give titles that make sense - Don't give titles saying My mac is not booting plz help !!, Specify your core issue briefly

2) Give clear, concise and structured information. for example if you have a graphics card issue post the entire details such as model number, video ram etc...

3) If possible give visual representations of your problem (eg:- if you are stuck at boot, boot with -v and take a screen shot)

4) It's always better if you use Darwin Dumper to create an entire dump file of your system.



@ and @Deepak have also tried to get people to follow these rules various times. So please follow these guidelines and Happy Hackintoshing

As always, spamming will result in a permanent ban.

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