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No way to boot 10.9 without -x z87-hd3 i5 4670k hd 4600

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A few days ago i started trying to install niresh 10.9 in this configuration


gigabyte z87-hd3

i5 4670k

no graphics card, just the hd4600 integrated.

ssd kingston v300 120 gb


No problems to install but after reboot problems started. When i boot with flag -v to see the problem i found that booting stops after the famous (for me) bluetooth warning. I made some research and tried diferents flags and settings (as many as my old friend google gave to me) with multibeast but nothing seems to solve the problem. In many posts with similar problems normaly people solving them uses a dedicated graphics card, but i was not able to find someone with same built and ipg. i also changed monitor from my "old" vga one to a new one with dvi digital conectors.


Is there anybody that had succed in same conditions? bios and multibeast (or niresh installer´s if enough) settings?



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in Niresh installer there  is a option of backup all graphics kexts ..select that and install again ...

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WOW, It goes!! Thanks a lot, i almost burnt my eyes searching during these last days and it was just tagging this simple item... only thing to resolve now (i hope so) is that now i have low resolution, i´m going to investigate how to switch to 1920 x 1080 without destroying the rest... Thanks a lot again Deepak. Just in case someone has same problem like me i attach some photos with my actual settings.










Edit: Now i fixed the problem with screen resolution, found solution here




Everything now seems to be ok, including my asus n10 wifi usb. Next step will be dual boot with w8. Hope no need to open another topic... many thanks again.

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