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Bios Settings

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hi all


i have a question: 

do i need to change my bios settings? so for example the settings with the ahci ide raid?


Computer Spec



AMD FX-8350



ASRock 990FX Extreme4


8 Gb



GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 670

2 Gb RAM


Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

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AHCI should always be selected. I never had any succes with IDE. I just shut down anything i don't use.

For instance, i use WIFI, so i disabled my onboard LAN. Etc....


As posted by HackintoshMumbai


Bios settings - Set your BIOS to its default settings. - Execute Disable bit: Enabled - XD (if exists): Enabled - Limit CPUID Max: Disabled - Set all cores of the CPU active/enabled. - Virtualization (if exists): Enabled or Disabled, try it. - Hyper-threading: Enabled or Disabled, try it. - HPET (High Precision Event Timer/PCH): Enabled - SATA Mode: AHCI - Set all the Overclock/Performance/Turbo etc. values to Auto. - Set the UEFI mode settings (if exists) to compatible mode -USB Legcay : Enable -USB Plug and Play :Enable


Hope this helps ;-)

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