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Amd Athlon Dual Core And Ml 10.8.5

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Dear all,


Hello! I just downloaded Niresh 10.8.5 dmg file and create bootable USB with transmac. it boots well and give me many options like- Clover, Boot Mac OS X 10.8.5 etc. etc. But i need to use bootflag for amd as my system is AMD. but when i go to Option->Bootargs i don't find a way how to add boot option like- 'kernel=amd -v' in that line. can anybody help me here? how can i add ( write ) boot options there? and which option i need to select to go to installation? 'Boot MacOS X 10.8.5' option?


another help needed-- my system spec is:


Amd Athlon II P320 Dual Core with 4 GB RAM,

ATI Radeon HD 4200 256 MB and

i have a 30 GB free space in my laptop (Toshiba Satellite).

can i install this distro dual boot with Windows 8.1 (currently it has windows 8.1)? which boot flag i need to use to boot it under my system, i mean- 'kernel=amd -v'

anything else?

i also want to work with my touchpad (mouse) of laptop and keyboard during installation, do i need to add extra bootflag to get those working during installation?


N.B: problem is still i don't find any installation How-to for this new ML 10.8.5 distro under AMD. So any kind of help is much appreciated.



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I have a HP 625 with similar processor and GPU. Just wondering if you got it to work; what flags or any extra information I might need.

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