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Peeyush Kumar

[solution] Mavericks USB doesnt boot and gives a flash screen only.

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I dont know if its allowed to post guides in this forum so req to moderators to move it to proper place or delete it.


Long story short, my usb mavericks refused to boot, even it didnt go to niresh menu.


My laptop : Fujitsu AH531/GFO


Tried chameleon bootloader on a different bootloader to boot into mavericks usb, failed.

Tried BDUtility, failed.

Tried win32diskimager, failed.

Tried Transmac, failed.

Then tried a virtual mavericks to restore, failed.


So, after much brainstorming, finally I gave a last shot and it worked ;)


Download niresh ML 10.8.5 iso (not .dmg), Burn it on a DVD.


Plug in both mavericks USB (I hope you created it at first place, no matter which software you use)


Boot with DVD, it will give you niresh menu.


from here set your bootflag -v (being safe side)


and select Mavericks-USB.


It works like magic, dont know prob is with Fujitsu or Mavericks bootloader.



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