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Stuck on Apple Logo. Won't show bootloader screen.

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I'm trying to install Niresh on my HP DM4 PAVILION 2165DX. I can't access the BIOS on this computer other than to change boot device order. So the PHET, AHCI and SATA settings I can't change through the BIOS.

My display/screen is broken so I'm using a HDMI cable to connect it to the external Display. I've also used a VGA cable.

When I boot the USB installer, nothing turns up on the screen. It's just a blank screen and with HDMI it's no signal and just blank with VGA. When I hit enter blindly, I get the apple logo screen with the DOS-like screen superimposed on it with a "System uptime in nanoseconds" error.

Here's an attached picture.



Alternatively, if I type a boot command blindly, it boots but gets stuck with a nanoseconds error. See photo


Youtube shows me that there's a DOS like screen where boot flags are entered but I can't see it. 

My external display is VGA and HDMI only. The Niresh guide on macbreaker says that sometimes there are issues with HDMI/VGA cables.

1. Will bootloader/DOS like screen show up if I use an adapter to plug into my monitor?

2. And are there boot flags I can enter blindly that will help me get past the nanosystems error or the "apple logo"?

Thank you. I've been trying many different bootloaders and methods for months and can't get it to install.

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I am new myself but tried continuously for past 2 months to get hackintosh.

One simple answer would be you won't be able to install without BIOS setting change. Specially the SATA-AHCI rest may go with -x flag.

First attempt should be how to enter into faulty BIOS and not Hakintosh.

Happy Hacking!

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I have installed it but when installation process is finished it doesn't boot up for first time and I get nanoseconds error.

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arranca desde el dvd, seleccionas la particion pero no entras hasta ecriibir el comando -x y pulsas intro hay lo configuras, despues cojes el multibeast para poner el chameleon etc.. 


boot from the DVD, select the partition but not to enter the command-xy ecriibir intro pressing you set it there, after the MultiBeast cojes to put the chameleon etc. ..

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